About Sue



2017, Master of Fine Arts & Design.

Okehampton Bay.   An image of the final work of this project will be available on this website after November 10,2017. 

This project was sparked by my reaction to the large scale development of salmon farming in Okehampton Bay, on the East Coast of Tasmania not far from where I live.

Like many in my community and increasingly around Tasmania, my concerns are based on the poor gover- nance and regulation of the Tasmanian aquaculture industry and the negative cultural and environmental impacts, which are likely to affect the community as a result.

The resulting work, Okehampton Bay, seeks to respond visually to the complexity of power relationships.

My research has revealed that nothing is as straight forward as it seems. My research in investigating both the nuances of the politics of the issue and the process of undertaking the painting have revealed that the balance must be found in the complex relationships between opposites.

 2013, BFA Hons.(Professional Stream in Painting). Tas. College of the Arts, University of Tasmania, Hobart.

2002, Batchelor of Fine Arts, National Art School Sydney, majoring in Painting.

Full Curriculum Vitae available on request.